POST Rules: Chapter 12

AG Employment Opportunities


Section 1. Issuance of a Retirement or Disability Identification Card to a Retired or Disabled Peace Officer.

(a) A retired or disabled peace officer may make application to P.O.S.T. for an identification card to the Commission.

    (i) The applicant shall submit the application form for a retired peace officer identification card to the Commission.

    (ii) Upon verification from the employing agency that the applicant prior to his retirement or disability was employed by a law enforcement unit in this state and was certified as a peace officer in good standing, the director shall issue a letter of authorization to the applicant.

    (iii) The applicant shall present the letter of authorization from the director and the required fee to a department of transportation licensing office who shall then prepare and issue an identification card.

(b) Identification cards issued under this section shall not expire.

(c) The Commission shall keep records of peace officers receiving identification cards and may confirm the authenticity of the card to any person.

(d) Upon submission by the applicant of a verified statement to the Commission that an identification care has been lost, destroyed, or mutilated, the person to whom it was issued may obtain a new identification card upon furnishing the same documentary evidence required for issuance of an original identification card.