POST Rules: Chapter 6

AG Employment Opportunities


Section 1. General Provisions.

(a) Within fifteen (15) days after the appointment, termination, resignation or death of any correctional officer or certified correctional officers, written notice thereof shall be given to the commission by their employing agency (W.S. 9-1-710 (a)).

(b) A state agency or any other person authorized by law to appoint correctional officers in the state shall not appoint any person as a correctional officer on or after July 1, 2005, who does not meet the following qualifications.  The person shall:

    (i) Be a United States citizen;

    (ii) Be an adult;

    (iii) Submit to fingerprinting and a search of local, state, and national fingerprint files to determine whether the applicant has a criminal record (copies of responses shall be sent to P.O.S.T.);

    (iv) Not have been convicted of any crime for which the applicant could have been punished by imprisonment in a federal or state penitentiary, unless his conviction is reverse or annulled or he receives a pardon;

    (v) Hold a high school diploma or equivalent achievement (proof shall be sent to P.O.S.T.);

    (vi) Be of good moral character as determined by a background investigation. The hiring agency shall complete a background investigation, as prescribed by the commission, of any new applicant for employment as a correctional officer before the applicant may be employed or begin training as a correctional officer.

    (vii) Be free of any physical, emotional, or mental condition which might adversely affect the applicant's performance as a correctional officer. Physical condition shall be evaluated by a person licensed to practice medicine and by application of a standardized physical fitness performance test as specified by the hiring agency. Emotional and mental conditions shall be evaluated by a licensed psychologists or psychiatrist; and 

    (viii) Successfully pass an oral interview examination and other pre-employment examinations specified by the hiring agency.

(c) A background investigation, which includes the following, shall be completed by the hiring agency before an applicant who is not currently certified in Wyoming may be employed as a correctional officer:

    (i) Check current drug and alcohol abuse;

    (ii) Interview with applicant's spouse;

    (iii) Check personal references;

    (iv) Check employment history;

    (v) Check school records;

    (vi) Check military records; 

    (vii) Check DCI and FBI fingerprint files to determine if applicant has a criminal record. (The check shall be made in every state where the applicant has resided.

    (viii) Check driving record;

    (ix) Present employer reference check. (This should include a check with the applicant's immediate supervisor and peers.)

    (x) Check credit history; and

    (xi) Wyoming POST files and any other prior certification history.

(d) A person shall not receive an original appointment as a certified correctional officer or hold an appointment on a permanent basis as a certified correctional officer unless the person has been awarded a certificate by the director attesting to his satisfactory completion of an approved correctional officer basic training program and has demonstrated the core competencies of a correctional officer as defined by the employing agency in cooperation with the commission.

(e) The Wyoming Department of Corrections may establish qualifications and standards for hiring and training that exceed the minimum standards set by the commission.