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Michael R. O’Donnell

Michael R. O'Donnell, Special Assistant Attorney General, graduated from the University of Wyoming College of Law. He has practiced law for over 30 years. He began his legal career as an Assistant Wyoming Attorney General and was an original member of the Wyoming natural resource litigation team. After leaving the Attorney General’s office, O’Donnell opened a private practice which focused on personal injury and criminal defense litigation. Following that, O’Donnell became Assistant Federal Defender and provided indigent federal criminal defense in the Districts of Wyoming and Colorado. From 1996-2003, O'Donnell returned to private practice focusing on catastrophic personal injury, criminal defense, medical negligence, and commercial litigation cases while also assuming the position of hearing officer for the Wyoming Board of Medicine. In 2003, O’Donnell’s practice shifted to policy and legal advice to the Governor and a broad-based governmental practice.

School Finance

O'Donnell's current work as Special Assistant Attorney General for School Finance is focused on maintaining the constitutionality of Wyoming's school finance and school facilities systems. This involves close work with the Governor, Legislature, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Department of Education, School Facilities Department/Commission, all 48 school districts, and the Wyoming architectural and contracting communities on the myriad issues that arise in implementation of a multi-billion dollar state educational system.

Special Assignments

O’Donnell works on multiple issues on special assignment from the Governor and Attorney General. These special assignments tend to involve highly complex legal and factual issues which are often politically sensitive.  Among O’Donnell’s current assignments in this regard is acting as counsel and coordinator for the renovation of Wyoming’s State Capitol and adjoining structures.

O’Donnell is married to Donna A. Murray and has two children, Sara and Conor, from a previous marriage.


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