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Any eligible public or nonprofit agency or combination thereof may apply for and receive a grant through the program. The program shall operate as a competitive and noncompetitive grant program and be administered by DVS. Contractual agreements specifying the terms of the grant award shall be executed between DVS and approved applicants.

In any year in which federal or state funds are available, DVS shall administer grants to eligible applicants. The amount of the funds awarded shall be contingent upon the funds available. The Director shall announce the opening of an application period through public notice. Applications must be submitted by the designated due date.

Eligibility Requirements. Funds must be used only to provide or improve services to victims of crime. Program grants cannot be used to supplant other available or mandated funds. An applicant must meet the following requirements:

(i) Be operated by a public agency or nonprofit organization or combination there of, that provides services or allied resources to crime victims. These services may include but are not limited to crisis intervention services, law enforcement and court advocacy, group and individual counseling, and information and referral services.

(ii) An existing program must be able to document results of prior programming that demonstrates the needs of victims have been met effectively and the applicant has financial support from other sources.

(iii) Comply with applicable federal and state statutes or rules, any requirements specified in the grant between the Division and any other contractual document.

(iv) Assist victims in seeking state compensation benefits.

(v) Provide services within the geographic service area without regard to a victim’s ability to pay.

(vi) In order to be eligible for continued funding as victim assistance programs must meet the following criteria:

(A) Compliance with the Standards for the Operation of Victim Assistance Programs.

(B) The Division has not received any complaints against the program which have not been resolved.

(These forms must be downloaded prior to entering data.)

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