Consumer Protection and Antitrust Unit

Education Resources

One of the best ways to protect yourself from scams and misleading business practices is education. Below are some resources that consumers can use to protect themselves through education.

Education & Common Scams:

10 Steps to Take After Identity Theft

Ten Tips for Savvy Consumers

Government Grant Scams

"Free" Trial Offers

IRS Impersonation Scams

Tech Support Scams

Jury Duty Scams

Lottery, Prize, Sweepstakes Scams

Family Emergency Scams (the "Grandparent Scam")

Being asked to make payment with a prepaid gift card? - Don't do it

Utility Scams

Risks of Visiting Content Theft Websites

BBB Auto Line

Wyoming Consumer Laws:

Wyoming Consumer Protection Act, 40-12-101 through 114

Promotional Advertising of Prizes, 40-12-201 through 209

Telephone Solicitation, 40-12-301 through 305

Commercial Electronic Mail, 40-12-401 through 404

Credit Freeze Reports, 40-12-501 through 509

Use of Arrest Photographs, 40-12-601

Multilevel and Pyramid Distributorships, 40-3-101 through 125

Wyoming "Antitrust" Statute, 40-4-101 through 123

Wyoming "Lemon Law" Statute, 40-17-101

*The Wyoming Attorney General's Office has provided this information as general information to assist consumers. The law is constantly evolving and this list is not intended to be exhaustive. This information is not provided as legal advice or intended to be legal advice. If further assistance is needed, please consult with a private attorney.*


Scam artists are using fake caller ID information to trick Wyomingites into believing that the callers are calling from the State of Wyoming. Please remember that you cannot rely on caller ID to verify who is calling you. Also remember to not give or confirm your personal or financial information to someone who calls you unsolicited.