Consumer Protection and Antitrust Unit Complaints

How to file a consumer complaint with the Wyoming Attorney General

Read carefully before submitting a consumer complaint: 

Please try to resolve your complaint with the business or person directly. Many consumer complaints result from broken communications and can often be resolved with a letter or phone call from the consumer. If you cannot resolve the complaint, you may consider completing the consumer complaint form at the link below. 

What happens after I file a consumer complaint? 

While this office cannot investigate all complaints, it reviews and provides written responses to all properly filed consumer complaints. In some circumstances, the Attorney General may forward your complaint to the business complained against and request a written response from the business. All communication with consumers and businesses is handled in writing. Upon receiving a response from the business, our office will notify you of the response. If we do not receive a response, we will also notify you. 

Why is it important to file a consumer complaint? 

The primary purpose of the consumer complaint process is to allow the Attorney General to identify and devote limited resources to the most serious matters involving a pattern of unfair or deceptive trade practices inflicting widespread injury to Wyoming’s consumers and marketplace. This office handles a broad range of matters, and reviewing consumer complaints against businesses helps us identify patterns of concern and set enforcement priorities. 

Matters the Consumer Protection and Antitrust Unit CAN examine:  

(Includes but not limited to)


Matters the Consumer Protection and Antitrust Unit WILL NOT examine:

(Includes but not limited to)

Additional information to keep in mind:

Incomplete complaint forms will not be processed and will be returned to you.

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Please submit additional documentation to support your complaint if available. For example; proof of payment, correspondence, proposals, contracts, and any other information to go along with your complaint. 

You can mail in your supporting documentation to the address above. You may also email any supporting documentation